Thursday, February 27, 2014


     Currently showing in theaters everywhere: TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE, OSCAR nominated.    

      This film arouses various discussions on radio and TV. I recall listening to National Public Radio. The caller said she had boasted about her great-great grandparents. They were proud they had slaves, treating them as human beings.  That seemed to be the extent of their pride. Now, after seeing the movie, the radio caller was ashamed that she and her ancestry never realized the enormity of their having missed the point. The point: While they did not whip or torture their slaves, they were depriving them of the only thing that really counts, their FREEDOM.

     The point I feel compelled to make:  Too much of our general population, not knowing it, are still slaves!!  Aware people call it “mindless living.” If you honestly put your heart, soul, and mind to the thought, you would recognize that you are living as a slave (although unknowingly) to the thoughts of other people. I could mention reams of individuals slaving-away,
  •   In jobs they do not enjoy. They know it. Sometimes they joke about their situation, knocking down “bosses” (business superiors), vocalizing  to friends their disrespect. Obviously, they put no effort in trying to enjoy their work. The slaves will tell you they do it for money or another reason.  To please someone else? Doesn’t matter. What matters is they do not enjoy their work. The biggest robber of LIFE, for heaven’s sake!
  •   At unhappy marriages. One can understand a year with the wrong person. Maybe two, three years. Open your mind!  We live in an enlightened age. Unhappy situations require deep thinking. Talk it out with a qualified marriage consultant?  Spiritual advisor? You will know whom to trust instinctively. Another robber of LIFE. 

     Grow up!  You’ve passed the immature years of teen-age angst. Forget about regrets for whatever is past. Chalk it all up to immaturity. Why brood about mistakes and regrets you made in the past? PAST, GONE!

     There will be depressions, recessions, economic struggles – just as surely as optimistic outlooks, inspiration, and bursts of creative activity. 

     How will you as an individual react to all this? Lively, high spirited people like Bill Gates (Microsoft Billionaire) founded among other enterprises the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.” Warren Buffett (American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist) pledged to give away 99 per cent of his fortune to philanthropic causes, primarily via the Gates Foundation. People like Paul Newman (formerly a well known actor and humanitarian) founded Newman’s Own Company. I see products at Whole Foods Market which Newman’s prolific family still keeps going. Today, people like young Taylor Swift (American singer/song writer) shares some of her wealth with various schools promoting children’s literacy, as well as helping victims of natural disasters. 

     In other words, individuals encounter challenges, excitements of rare living. The individual makes the difference which lasts!    

     Important: In America, we are instantly born into the land of real freedom.  It takes some of us longer to absorb this knowledge.  Fact:  we absolutely have freedom of thought. The choice is our own individual selves. We choose which thoughts to mull around our brain, which to discard immediately.

     This bit of wisdom does not come haphazardly. It requires loads of reading, meditation, prayer. I will not bore you with a glossary of authors, lecturers, books, magazines. Most my recommendations, bits of wisdom, common sense and so forth, arrive from two books in particular: THE PHILOSOPHY OF ERNEST HOLMES: Holmes Papers Volume I. Edited and compiled by George P. Bendall, L.H.P. (DeVorss Publications); THE SCIENCE OF MIND, Ernest Holmes (Putnam, 2010). From the jacket, “One of the hardest things for human beings to do is to know themselves and change themselves . . . written with great simplicity and clarity, shows deep appreciation of the need to understand how they can master their own lives.” 

NOTE: My April BLOG is on a lighter vein. We will share JOKES which keep us laughing. If you have certain jokes to share with us, send them before the last week of March. Thank you!


  1. This is a Brilliant Message. It is the Truth. It's what scholars have been trying to share through stories like Passover (release from "slavery") - Easter - (Release from Bondage of Deathlike Living) - That we are encouraged to choose Freedom. Freedom at every level . . and, as you've just done . . we get to encourage and cheer for others to find their own expression of Freedom. Nicely said! Thank you!

  2. I love this Teresa! It is amazing how we allow ourselves to be slaves to many things unknowingly... and the enslavement of negative thoughts about ourselves is one of the most challenging things we seek freedom from. If we look closely at our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves we are most likely to find that they are not true. This takes some intense work to finally be liberated from such thoughts. In truth... we are divine beings worthy of love.... and the ultimate goal is to live a life free to do as you desire... that is freedom... Love you Mama!