Tuesday, October 1, 2013


       It is difficult right now to know who will read EDUCATE A HUMAN BEING, written by me (Teresa deBarba-Miller, edited by Ann Blandford). Copies may be purchased at Barnes & Noble or other booksellers, ISBN: 978-1-304-24285-3Online, click on www.lulu.com  – type the title on “Search Lulu’s Bookstore” searching bar. 

       Referring to the book, from a noted Professional Book Reviewer: “deBarba-Miller compiles reference materials for those who wish to explore the elements that form a well-rounded individual … … … A slim volume full of heart but short on original material.”

      “Short on original material” misses the point. Was the reviewer asking for me to comment on the contents of books about brain research? I think the summarization of ten (10) books describing each publisher’s comments is surely enough for the reader to understand the complete depth of available brain research.

       The book emphasizes many lacks in public schools right now. We need a makeover of the entire educational system. 

       My daughter, a Professional Teacher, was more succinct in her review for EDUCATE A HUMAN BEING: “Well organized. Shows you to be highly informed (Overall vision, websites, book citations, quotes). The overall purpose of giving supporting details and reasoning is achieved.” She suggested that it might sell as an inspirational book.

       Why was the book written at all? Fast approaching 91 years of age, I wrote common-sense reactions to current issues. This included not only the deficit of education in public schools, but also the importance of appreciating, through rapid improvement of technological resources, the vast strides made in brain research, different topics for government supervision, doctors and hospitals, sports, etc. 

       To show that individuals, individuals alone, can make a decided difference, I wanted to increase the amount of individuals reaching to other individuals, to create a better world for all of us. Definite steps for individuals to effect action are outlined in Chapter Seven, Individuals Make a Difference. The same steps can be used not only for getting more art in public schools, but also for other subjects.

       As for the value of the absolute power of imagination, my book referenced imaginative people such as Padraic Colum, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Michele Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.

       I wrote about PEACE (a questionable journey), about THE ECONOMY, with surprising ways to help individuals survive, repeating certain sections from my memoir CHUBBY’S STORY, an 87 year-old original work detailing an improbable life. If you are interested in reading CHUBBY’S STORY, email me at mamatmiller@gmail.com

       Wars: The amounts of repercussions following any war are enormous. It haunts me. I tried to compose original songs describing the aftermath of wars. Not a one was “right on.” But thinking back to popular songs, lo and behold! Do you remember Cole Porter’s love song, Night and Day? A slight rewrite of the lyrics produced COLE PORTER’S SONG OF HOPE FOR PEACE, which can be found in front of the book, EDUCATE A HUMAN BEING, page ii, opposite a picture of a ship on page iii.  

Note: I never did include information about other nations which seem to have superior education. In Japan for instance, the emphasis is about having the students become responsible adults. In the schools, students serve the school meals. Students scrub the floors, can you imagine? Every school, not just an elite few, produces a highly qualified liberate work force. In Japan, the group team work is all-important. Getting into a top university guarantees success in adult life.           

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  1. I'll MUST look for your book.
    I study educational practices around the globe - doing what I am able to "up" my own game - to empower, encourage and inspire the young champions in "my" class room . . .
    Thank you for sharing with us,
    Thank you for lifting us,
    Love & Love,