Monday, November 4, 2013

November Blog

For November, we come to HOLIDAYS!  My favorite subject.

In 2008, Libraries Unlimited published HOLIDAY STORIES ALL YEAR ROUND, Audience Participation Stories and More, which I compiled, using my “school name” Violet, using the rest of a pen name for books published, “Teresa deBarba-Miller.” It was only by unlimited assistance from the editors at Libraries Unlimited that it finally became publishable.
          Amazon gave the book 5 stars. It deserved every one of that 5-star rating. This book contains not only excellent stories about all of America’s legal holidays but many on celebrated international holidays, including a hilarious folktale for Japan’s New Year by Cathy Spagnoli.

The country’s most renowned and beloved storytellers wrote original audience participation stories. They shared instructions -- for how to get your audience involved while you are telling the story -- also activity ideas and plenty of information regarding each holiday’s importance, the how-and-why each holiday rates this annual celebration.
          In November-December, right now, we get to celebrate not only Thanksgiving and Christmas, but a plethora of religious events. I keep wishing that one of the imaginative minds of the contributors will see the value of creating a video to accompany their story, much as Linda Marchisio did. Linda created a video showing her demonstrating “The Constitution Jive” for Constitution Day. Incidentally, she considers this holiday more important than the Fourth of July. I see that. On July 4th, most people use the barbeque grill, shoot up in the air fireworks, etc. As Marchisio explains, Constitution Day actually teaches as well as entertains people.
          HOLIDAY STORIES ALL YEAR ROUND, Audience Participation Stories and More is a wonderful resource for enhancing learning units, relaxing its audience. Most of all, it gives you some great ways to share important times together. This collection will help educators, librarians, and storytellers create holiday-based story programs from January to December.
          Minor Note: Trivia data – “Violet” was the name chosen by my first grade teacher who was confused by my birth certificate which says my name was “Iolanda Letijne DiBarba.” I remember her asking what it meant in English. Told it meant something akin to “viola” which did not appeal to her, she instructed me to use the name “Violet” when I signed school papers. A name which did not appeal to me! However, being always obedient, I went ahead and did so. It did not appeal to my family, either.  They continued to call me “Chubby” until high school days. Thus, my memoir CHUBBY’S STORY; 87 years of living an improbable life. Anyone wishing more information, email me at                 


  1. I'm glad you got your november blog published. Feel better grandma! -love Katie

  2. Chubby! i can't even imagine it.
    I traveled so much - every teacher had a different idea what my name should actually be . . I STILL get confused.

    Thank you again for another Marvelous Blog Post!
    Love & Love to You!